joanne mott

Weeroona College Spiral Garden 2012

This project was in partnership with Arts Victoria’s Artists-In-Schools Program. Students of year 9 at Weeroona secondary college in Bendigo collaborated with Joanne Mott and to produce a large scale outdoor environmental land art sculpture in the school grounds.

Subjects such as history, art, horticulture and environmental sustainability addressed in the artwork:

The students were participating in an environmental science elective, and many were  introduced to the concept of art as a tool for environmental investigation and advancement.

The process of development included research, design and development and construction. Some of the highlights of the project included: an excursion to the local indigenous nursery to look at plant types, studying the history of labyrinths and their cultural significances, a presentation from Indigenous educator, Bambi Lees, making a documentary and a presentation to the school.