joanne mott

Shepparton ACE College Garden 2010

A creative partnerships project with Arts Victoria’s Artists-In Schools program, Joanne Mott facilitated the development and creation of an “Art Garden” in the new school grounds. A number of projects were undertaken with different classes in the community college.

Human Sundial

Working on a large scale, a human sundial requires the viewer to stand on a plaque, their body’s shadow then indicates the time, falling across a number of specifically laid out “hour” markers. The students carved a number of soft stone columns, each representing a different hour, and installed them in position. Science and art combined to create a 6-metre diameter timepiece.

 Star Pipes

 Inspired by the 1060s land art sculpture by American artist Nancy Holt, Star Pipes are large cement pipes (often found in playgrounds) which have a number of small holes drilled into them. The holes are positioned to represent the configurations of specific star constellations in the southern hemisphere. As the day passes and the earth rotates, the small points of light slowly move inside the pipe/s.  One can sit comfortably in the pipe and observe this. Students researched and select southern constellations for the Shepparton ACE Star Pipes, and decorated the piped with stencils inspired by the stars.

Save the Words Stepping Stones

 In this project students made a series of hand painted stepping-stones for the grounds of Shepparton Ace College. The pavement stones had words taken from the “Save the words” project, invented by the Oxford Dictionary. Participants selected and “adopted” a word from the English language, which has dropped out of common usage. The idea is that the adoptive parent of the word tries to use it in their daily lives, and spread the word again, bringing back into usage. Students extended this project by hand painting stepping-stones for the garden with their word, encouraging engagement and extending literacy skills.

 ACE Garden Spaces

A number of garden spaces were defined within the garden: a native garden, rose garden courtyard and herb garden.